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Month March, 2007

The life of the longboard

Longboarding Cornwall

Longboards are back! Some may say they never went away but few can ignore the renaissance taking place on Cornish beaches. Current British champion Sam Bleakley charts the rise, fall and rise again of the laid-back surf form.Fashions may change but there is one constant in surfing – style. Longboarding encapsulates style better than any other form of waveriding.

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Wake up call

Wakeboarding Cornwall

Being dragged at speed behind a boat may not be everyone’s idea of fun. But our novice fell head over heels for the thrill of wakeboarding.Skimming across the water looked easy as I watched Ben demonstrate his wakeboarding skills. Getting air and pulling 360’s, he made it look like a ride in the park. Our picturesque playground for this adventure was a

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Looping the Cheesewring

Hiking Cornwall

A trek on Bodmin Moor can provide a welcome break from summer crowds on the Cornish coast. Our Trailfinder series continues with a half-day hike amid some of Cornwall’s highest ‘peaks’.With dramatic cliffs, sandy coves and tranquil river inlets, it’s hardly surprising that most people stick to the coast for their hiking adventures. But sooner or

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Slip, slide, spin, and skate in Cornwall!

Slide Skate Cornwall

Pioneers of a sliding renaissance, Faltown's cutting edge style has freewheeled Cornwall into the center of the global skating culture.“You have to see how close you can get your cheek to the road,” Benny told me at the bottom of the hill he had just come screeching down face first. “That’s what we call a Surrender Slide”. In fact many

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Learn to surf in ten easy steps

Surf School Cornwall

Surfing. It’s simple. Just walk out into the surf, turn the board around, catch a wave and stand up. If only it was that easy! Here's ten steps to help you master the waves.The sport of kings takes a lifetime just to get “OK” at it. One thing you have to remember before learning to surf is the sad fact that you will never master surfing. It can be a

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Tales from the riverbank

Kayaking Cornwall

Adventure comes in all shapes and sizes and doesn’t always have to be extreme, as our explorer learned when he went up a creek with a paddle.I’d been stuck indoors for weeks when the email popped into my inbox. How would I like to join an evening canoe trip on the River Fowey? Spring in Cornwall had failed to deliver any epic surf and my activity quota had

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Six of the best dive sites in Cornwall

Diving Cornwall

Scuba diving conjures images of exotic locations, warm seas and multi-coloured fish. Yet Cornwall boasts its own world-class dive sites. Here are some of the best.With an exposed Atlantic position and a sea warmed by the Gulf Stream, Cornwall provides some of the best diving in the UK. It offers everything from wrecks for the adventurous diver to easy dives for those who

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Ben Ainslie Profile

Ben Ainslie Cornwall

Ben Ainslie sailed his way into the national consciousness when he won a Gold Medal in the Laser class at the Olympic Regatta in Sydney in 2000. But soon after achieving his goal, the Cornwall bred sailor made the switch to the heavier grade Finn dinghy – a class he has dominated ever since. The 29-year-old has now won four Finn world championships and another Gold

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Downhill and dirty

Down Hill and Dirty

Cornwall may lack mountains but there is no shortage of big hills, forest trails, old mine tracks, quarry pits and quiet country lanes for off-road bikers to discover. Our adventurer takes a ride on the wild side. Butterflies fill your belly as you pedal up to the precipice and peer over the ledge. With a big drop ahead, you visualise landing and riding away down the

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Six of the best Cornish kiteboarding destinations


Windswept Cornwall is a Mecca for kite flying of all kinds. But at certain locations it’s land kiteboarding that has really taken off. Our kiting expert divulges some of the county’s kiteboarding hotspots.Cornwall is the only county in the UK that has an ocean border on three sides. Wind is seldom in short supply but finding a safe and suitable place to fly a

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