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Month July, 2013

Getting Active in Bamboo Clothing

Group wearing Bamboo Clothing

BAM Bamboo Clothing Review - I must admit I was a little dubious when I first heard about bamboo clothing. We all know bamboo is an amazing, super strong material for the construction of buildings, and making furniture and weaving durable mats. But can you really wear it? The people at BAM Bamboo Clothing assured me that not only can you wear it, but it is also an

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Born to Boogie Competition

Orca Publications have sent us their latest stunning book.  It's an absolute beauty.  Any bodyboard lover, or in fact photographer would love to get their mitts on one of these. Owen Pye has compiled a brilliant book chock full of the history of bodyboarding, it's legends lifestories and some of the greatest tricks you'll see a bodyboard pull are all documented

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