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Speedsail UK


Product Description

Speedsail UK is a premier Speedsailing and Blokarting centre, based in Hayle, Cornwall. We are the national coach for the BLSA, which is the governing body for both Blokarting and Speedsailing. We offer a variety of courses and experiences for Speedsailing, Blokarting and land-based power kiting.

Kite Boarding & Buggying

Kite Boarding & Buggying Lessons and Experiences at Gwithian Beach near Hayle – Experience the thrill of racing across the sand under the power of a kite with Speedsail UK. This company runs regular, small group sessions all year round, depending on the weather.

The lessons are based around a two hour taster session. This is usually enough time for most novices to gain the basics of power kite flying. If you have not had any previous power kite flying experience you are unlikely to get to the stage of kite buggying or boarding in the first session so make sure you book a couple.

If you have flown this type of kite before we will see how experienced you are with a few simple tasks and then get you into the buggy fairly quickly. Kite boarding and kite buggying are great activities to try while in this part of Cornwall.

Blokarting and Land Yachting

Blokarting and land yachting in Cornwall at Gwithian Beach – these two exciting activities allow you to sail accross the sand under the power of the wind. Learn to Land Yacht quickly and easily with Speedsail expert instructors, available for all abilities or wind surfing experience.

Land yachting or speedsailing is an exhilarating activity to try out. Blokarts are smaller than land yachts and easier to learn. This makes it perfect for taster sessions and fun group activities. A Blokart session gets you up and rolling in as little as 15 minutes, even with no prior sailing experience!

These are awesome activities to experience on the beach in Cornwall. Contact Speedsail to organise your thrilling land yachting or blokarting experience.