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Artists Design Skateboards

Artists Design Skateboards

Skateboard artists

Cornish skateboard company Faltown Skateboards has donated 100% recycled decks for decoration by celebrated artists in an upcoming exhibition.

Decked Project is an exhibition that features 50 emerging illustrators, designers and street artists, all showcasing custom designed skate decks. Each deck is to be hand inked/printed/painted/carved in an effort to celebrate the original, a love for art and the artistic community and a respect for those who originally changed the face of skate culture, the Dogtown skaters.

Some of the featured artists include Aaron Petz, Mr Penfold, The London Police, Oliver Winconek, EYESAW and Skaffa among many others!

Decked is to be held at StolenSpace, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6Q, from the 25th-30th August.

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