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St Ives Surfer Wins National Championships

St Ives Surfer Wins National Championships

St Ives surfer Jayce Robinson was crowned 2014 English champion after a spectacular performance at the English National Surfing Championships at Watergate Bay in May.

The talented surfer finished in top spot despite fierce competition from Jobe Harris, Luke Dillon and Russell Winter in n the final of the P20 men’s open.

Surfers from Cornwall did extremely well in the championships, attended by the best established and up-and-coming surfers. The waves were small but good all weekend long, allowing a fantastic surfing showcase at Watergate Bay.

It was Bude’s Emily Currie who surfed to victory in the Disco Beads women’s open final. Elsewhere in the competition European longboard champion Ben Skinner was beaten to first place in the On the Lip men’s longboard final by his friend Adam Griffiths.

English National Surfing Championships Results:

Under 12 open final: 1 Stanley Norman, 2 Noah Capps, 3 Leo Reeves, 4 Bertie Norman.
Beach Bum Under 14 boys final: 1 Eno James, 2 Stanley Norman, 3 Kamron Matthews, 4 Noah Capps.
Pommie Grommet under 14 girls final: 1 Ellie Turner, 2 Rosalie Longman, 3 Mischa Maguire, 4 Jess Knight.
Zumba women’s longboard final: 1 Jenny Briant,2 Nicola Blunt, 3 Emillie Currie, 4 Tina Beresford.
Veterans final: 1 Roger Knight, 2 Tony Good, 3 Matt Knight, 4 Mark Oliver.
Under 16 girls final: 1 Mischa Maguire, 2 Jess Knight, 3 Ruby Breadon, 4 Meg Niblett, 5 Jordy Lowe.
Under 16 boys final: 1 Angus Scotney, 2 Will Bailey, 3 Harry DeRoth, 4 Aaron Strong.
Masters final: 1 Joel Gray, 2 Martin Connolly, 3 Lee Bartlett, 4 Chris Harris.
P20 U18 girls final: 1 Keshia Eyre, 2 Peony Knight, 3 Emily Currie, 4 Georgia Timson.
P20 U18 boys final: 1 Harry DeRoth, 2 Angus Scotney, 3 Dale Foster, 4 Isaac Marshall.
On the Lip men’s longboard final: 1 Adam Griffiths, 2 Ben Skinner, 3 Ben Howey, 4 Mark Harris.
Seniors final: 1 Joss Ash, 2 Andrew Griffin, 3 Sean Harris, 4 Martin Connolly.
Disco Beads women’s open final: 1 Emily Currie, 2 Keshia Eyre, 3 Peony Knight, 4 Hannah Harding.
P20 men’s open final: 1 Jayce Robinson, 2 Jobe Harris, 3 Luke Dillon, 4 Russell Winter.

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