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Auto-Sleepers British Bodyboard Nationals hits new high

Auto-Sleepers British Bodyboard Nationals hits new high

Danny CattenThe 2009 BSA/BBC Auto-Sleepers British Bodyboard Nationals have been completed, with impressive performances across all divisions and a new National Champion crowned.

With highly contestable waves at Porthtowan, the cream of British bodyboarding ripped the conditions apart in pursuit of the biggest prize pot in European national championship competition. The highlight was the Open and Drop Knee finals, with the winners needing near perfect scores to win.

The Porthtowan banks were producing an abundance of open faces and rampy sections, so there was no shortage of opportunity for the competitors to strut their stuff.

The Open final was stacked with three generations of top British bodyboarders — elder statesman Danny Catten, the grand master Damian Prisk and newer schoolers Remi Geffroy and Jack Johns. Prisk opened his account early with a move-filled wave that ended with a big ARS that he was unlucky not to land as the wave reformed. Jack Johns was surfing with a silky-smooth style but lacked any big moves above the lip line. Remi Geffroy looked tired after making the second major final of the event. Other than a wave with three rolls on it he seemed a little lost in the three- to four-foot peaks. Catten found his rhythm 10 minutes into the heat with a set wave that included a barrel roll, a cuttie reverse then a big invert air on the inside. The judges threw him a 10 and he spent the next 10 minutes waiting patiently for a back up wave. After another big outside roll and combo packed inside connection the title and a cheque for £1,000 were his.

The event was a great success with an excellent standard of riding. Conversations on the beach suggest that it was the best British National Championships ever. Roll on next year.

Full results:

Auto Sleepers Open

1st    Danny Catten (£1,000)
2nd    Damien Prisk (£500)
3rd    Jack Johns (£250)
4th    Remi Geffroy (£150)

Rob Barbers Bodyboard School/ThreeSixty Drop Knee

1st    Laurie McCall
2nd    Danny Wall
3rd    Aiden Salmon
4th     Remi Geffroy

C W Harwood Womens

1st     Gemma Brittan   
2nd     Olivia Smedley
3rd    Tabby Fox
4th     Christine Blackburn

The Beach Hotel U16

1st    Stephen Hall
2nd     Sam Newby   
3rd     Olly Bayliss
4th    James Moores


1st    Cian Salmon
2nd    Stephen Hall   
3rd     Luke Brabyn
4th    Jarryd Wingfield

Alder Wetsuits Seniors

1st    Mark Griffiths
2nd     Bjorn Storey
3rd    Danny Catten
4th    Eldred Hawke

Assured Highway Solutions Masters

1st    Danny Catten
2nd    Eldred Hawke
3rd    Simon Watkins
4th     Colin Crowther

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