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Boardmasters tow-in event

Boardmasters tow-in event

BoardmastersThe Relentless Aerial Assault has been inspired by the Relentless Tow-Team of 4 Relentless surfers Ben Grenata, Ben Skinner, Tom Lowe & Fergal Smith who are revolutionising British surfing by seeking out big wave surf spots across the UK and pulling into waves in excess of 30ft! Don’t expect to see any big wave surfing at Fistral but you will see the discipline of tow-surfing demonstrated with a twist! The competition will run on Friday 6th August at 4pm and the format for the event is as follows:

– Man on Man (draw out of hat, no seeding) 

– Best of five attempts (first surfer to three wins) 

– The surfers spin the Wheel to land on a trick they must perfect in the water

– Surfers get towed into the waves and attempt the chosen manoeuvre

– Judges choose whichever surfer carried it off best

– First surfer to three wins progresses to next round

– Total of 17 heats

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