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Climbing Wall Treadmill Anyone?

Climbing Wall Treadmill Anyone?

Far more exciting than a walking treadmill or elliptical machine, this infinite rock wall brings the challenges (and hard exercise) of scaling sheer cliffs …


Elliot Walker‘s insight:

I’m all up for taking things to extremes, but this climbing wall treadmill might be overdoing it a bit. This is an ‘infinite’ climbing wall allowing rock climbing enthusiasts to to train on hand and foot-holds that go round and round constantly. You can even control the speed and wall angle for that cruscial overhang training.


I understand that it may be a bit cold and dark to get out on Cornwall’s crags and cliffs at this time of year, and that we may need to venture inside to train in the gym or on an indoor climbing wall. But these machines are a bit big – where would we put one in our house? But nevertheless it looks like a fun and novel way to keep fit for climbing. Perhaps one of the local climbing walls should install one of these for a bit of a laugh.

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