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Clothing Company Supports Marine Conservation

Clothing Company Supports Marine Conservation

Beach CleanLocal clothing company Rapanui is doing its bit for the environment by supporting the Marine Conservation Society’s Marine Reserves campaign, strengthening the brand’s commitment to raise awareness of the MCS’s work.

Falmouth based Rapanui Clothing donates part of its profits to the Society’s work to set aside marine reserves to protect Atlantic Cod, Halibut and other species on the endangered species list, and prevent whole ecosystems are being irreversibly damaged.

Co-founders Rob and Mart Drake-Knight, now 22 and 23, decided to support the work of the Marine Conservation Society after a lifetime of surfing, sailing and scuba diving in Cornish waters.

Mart Drake-Knight, who also happens to be a Renewable Energy Engineer, said: "Marine Reserves are essential for Ecosystems, but they’re also essential to ensure the sustainability of the UK fishing industry too. They allow fish their own space to breed and replenish critically low numbers in surrounding waters. That is why the United Nations, over 300 European marine scientists and the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution have all made repeated calls to establish UK marine reserves. These groups call for 30% of our seas to be in marine reserves. The current figure is 0.005%.
"At Rapanui we have seen how sustainable practice can really change an industry and give economy a boost. Economy really can go hand in hand with environment. We think this applies to Marine Reserves too, and that is why we are proud to be supporting the MCS in their cause.”

To prove their commitment the guys at Rapanui took part in a beach clean at Grange Chine on the Isle of Wight, which recovered over 500kgs of beach waste – a national record for non-disaster recovery.

Rapanui’s environmental policy follows through to its clothing which is manufactured using organic fabrics and wind and solar powered factories.

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