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Join Big Wave Surfer Andrew Cotton on Surfing Adventure

Join Big Wave Surfer Andrew Cotton on Surfing Adventure

People across the country have an awesome chance to join one of the UK’s leading big wave surfers and his crew, to witness some of the world’s most gigantic XXL waves in either Portugal or Ireland, thanks to Cornwall’s Sharp’s Brewery.

Devon-based Andrew Cotton has just returned from an intensive five day training trip to a high performance surf academy in California. There, he joined eight of the world’s most finely tuned athletes before heading down to Puerto Escondido in Mexico to ride a range of 15 – 20 foot waves, all in preparation for the 2015/16 European big swell season.

During this 2015/2016 season, one lucky Sharp’s Brewery winner will be joining Andrew’s land support crew as he heads out to tackle the roaring Atlantic waves in either Nazaré, Portugal, or Mullaghmore, Ireland. Both locations offer an epic natural amphitheatre for waves rarely witnessed across the globe.

Andrew is already famous for pushing the boundaries by surfing the world’s biggest waves and for putting Great Britain firmly on the surfing map. However, he is determined to go super huge this year. He is one of the few men alive who’s already managed to conquer the fear of a 60 foot high wave and Andrew is now spreading his passion for surfing across the UK as an ambassador for Sharp’s Brewery’s ‘There’s an Adventure Brewing’ national campaign.

Six initial winners will join Andrew on an all-expenses-paid surf weekend to his home break in Croyde, Devon. One of the lucky winners will then be chosen by Andrew to accompany him on his next epic big wave adventure in either Ireland or Portugal where they will be part of the crew, witnessing first hand the preparation, anticipation, nervousness and exhilaration involved in surfing some of the world’s biggest waves.

Andrew Cotton said: “Even when you’ve done this hundreds of times, nothing beats that anticipation of getting to the airport and then travelling, often throughout the night, and then getting to the beach or the cliffs and seeing the waves for the first time. Hearing, feeling and witnessing that raw power is like nothing else. The ground literally shakes and the waves are mammoth approaching mountains of water. Any photos or film footage doesn’t come close to you actually seeing and feeling it, right there, for real.”

Andrew continues, “Our winner will be there to witness it all with us – the fear, the tension and then, I hope, the glory. This will be a serious swell and
the build-up amongst whatever surfers are there, is immense and our winner will join us as part of the team. They’ll be there with us as we prep, psyche ourselves up and watch us take to the waves in one of nature’s scariest and most dangerous amphitheatres. Then (hopefully!) we’ll nail them time and time again, and I’m sure Sharp’s Brewery will throw us a few beers to celebrate afterwards!”

To enter the competition, people are invited to simply visit, and fill in their details. To up their chances of winning, entrants can also upload a captioned photo of them experiencing their biggest adventure. Entries are open to adults aged 18 and over.

Entries are open and will close on 9th August, 2015. The surf weekend in Croyde will take place 18-20th September and the big wave adventure will take place in the Autumn/ Winter 2015/2016 (depending on waves).

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