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Surfers Commit to Get Fit with Help from the Pros

Surfers Commit to Get Fit with Help from the Pros

Ben_Skinner_Surf2Surfers seeking more stamina, balance and power in the water can get fitness training help and advice from the pros at one of the unique surf fitness courses taking this summer at Lusty Glaze Beach in Newquay. The first course is scheduled for Sat 24 & Sun 25 July.

European longboard surfing champion Ben Skinner and personal trainer, swim coach and surf fitness expert Lee Stanbury will teach vital training techniques designed to enhance surfing ability.

The new courses created by The Adventure Centre at Lusty Glaze will significantly help landlocked surfers, as well as local surfers who want to get more out of their time in the water.

Course leader Lee Stanbury is one of the world’s leading experts on surf fitness and is the author of the new book The Complete Guide to Surf Fitness. He is the personal fitness trainer to Ben Skinner and pro short boarder Oli Adams, and will be getting the British Junior Surf Team in shape ahead of the World Championships in October.

Lee commented: “The surf fitness programme I have developed has had a significant impact in raising the game of surfers who regularly compete at international level. I’m excited by this new fitness course at Lusty Glaze because it will allow regular surfers to benefit from the training methods which have proved so successful for some of our best surfers.”

The weekend courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers will be instructor led sessions, working on balance, power and stamina training techniques.

During the courses, participants will learn how the use of Swiss Balls, Indo Boards, BOSU Boards, and specially created tension cords can help to build core strength and flexibility to enhance surfing ability.

The sessions will also include aerobic fitness training, plus surf tuition from BSA instructors and Ben Skinner.

There are three courses scheduled throughout July and August. Other course dates can be arranged by popular request.

Lee added: “I can’t wait to welcome the first people on the course. I really believe the training techniques they will learn will make the world of difference to their surfing ability. It should also be a lot of fun too – for everyone involved.”

For more information Surf Fitness Weekends at Lusty Glaze Beach during July and August, please visit the website at

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