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The Saltwater Kitchen is here!

The Saltwater Kitchen is here!

Hungry adventurers have received the Holy Grail of fab food dining in Cornwall.  The Saltwater Kitchen Cookbook is a brand new book filled with the hidden Cornish foodie gems.  We’re all used to hearing about the big name chefs in the South West but this book names all the heroes of cuisine that many of you don’t know about.

Recipe idea from Saltwater Kitchen
Recipe idea from Saltwater Kitchen

Tucked away in beaches, towns, woods and valleys these chefs are the reason that Cornwall is the magical place that keeps us here (though obviously the sea and other adventures are a big draw!)

The book is a delight to look through – there’s great photography and luckily for us the chefs have shared their knowledge with some delicious recipes for you to try at home.  In any case, wherever you surf, bike or hike there will be one of these great restaurants and cafes close by to refill hungry tums.

Click here to get your hands on a copy of this fab book

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