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Tom Kirkman Profile

Tom Kirkman Profile

He’s the world’s best mountain boarder, been top his game for three years and is still only 19-years-old. We chat to Cornwall’s very own Tom Kirkman about his phenomenal success.

Mountain boarder Tom Kirkman goes large - image courtesy of Fat Face

AC: How did you get into mountain boarding?
TK: When I was 13 my dad and I started a small skateboard shop. Actually, it was more like a youth club than a shop! After about a year of being open we stocked a mountain board in the shop. I tried it once and have been riding ever since.

AC: What are your biggest ATB achievements to date?
TK: Three times World Champion and UK Elite Champion.

AC: What was it like to win the Maxtrack Classic, your first ever comp in 2005?
TK: Having only ridden a mountain board for a month, then doing so well in my first ever comp was great. Happy memories…

AC: How did you feel to be crowned world champion at such a young age?
TK: That was cool. I remember being really young at my first World Championship and telling Leon Robins, the then reigning World Champion, that I would beat him the following year. When it actually happened I was so chuffed, you can’t describe the feeling.

AC: Where are you from, and where do you live?
TK: I’m from England but my mum is Dutch, so I’ve also spent a lot of time over there, and think of myself as a bit of both. I’ve lived in Calstock in Cornwall for my whole life; not that I’m there much anymore.

Cornwall’s World Champ 

AC: How has Cornwall influenced your career and contributed to your success?
TK: I grew up (and still live) in a little cottage in the middle of the woods and spent most of my childhood climbing trees and going on adventures. I think that made me pretty fearless from a young age. Cornwall is also such a beautiful rural county, with so many outdoor sports going on that it’s got to rub off on you a bit.  

AC: What makes you one of the world’s top mountain boarders?
TK: Self belief is probably the main one. When I’m about to hit a jump I know I’m going to land whatever I’m trying. It’s as simple as that!  

AC: Who are your heroes or inspirations in or away from the sport?
TK: In my sport it has got to be Leon Robins, the man that invented style; AJ Watkins, my team manager who spends all his time trying to help the sport grow, runs the most chilled mountain board centre in the UK and still rips on a board; and Alex Downie the best person to ride with, without a doubt.

Away from my sport the great Bob Dylan for inspiring me with music, my amazing parents because you don’t realise until you get a bit older how much they know, and also anyone that’s anti-pollution, anti-war, or even anti-micro scooters. Oh, and Tuai Lovejoy for being so sick.

AC: What’s on your IPod?
TK: I don’t have an IPod, but on my computer there is mainly acoustic music and stuff my mates and I have made on my little home studio. Brownie McGee and Sonie Terry are pretty good. I like anything that isn’t happy hardcore or mega heavy death music.

Riding High

AC: How and where do you train for competitions?
TK: I could say a protein shake for breakfast followed by four hours at the gym, but I would be lying. I don’t really train as such; I just go out riding and having fun with my mates everyday.

AC: Do you do any other sports?
TK: Skateboarding on a halfpipe which is one of my favourites, surfing when I’m somewhere with good waves, and snowboarding when there is snow about. Anything involving a board really.

AC: Why is Cornwall so good for mountain boarding?
TK: Everyone’s relaxed, so you don’t get treated like a hooligan. There are hills, woods, and moorland everywhere. What more do you want? There’s even a park in my garden!

AC: Where’s your favourite place to ride in Cornwall?
TK: I couldn’t pick a single one out as there are so many places, but my house is good, and all the woods around mine are too.

AC: Where in the world is best for mountain boarding?
TK: For me it has to be the BMW bike park in Germany, with three of the best tracks in the world all interlinking together with a chair lift to the top. The Edge Mountain Board Centre in the UK has the best jump I’ve ever ridden, and a sweet track.

Mountain Board Hero 

AC: Aside from the obvious (ATB, ramp etc) what three things would you take to a desert island?
TK: I would probably take a guitar, a boat and definitely a lady friend.

AC: Tell us about your ramp in your back garden – does it attract the attention of your neighbours?
TK: I don’t really have any neighbours as I’m in the woods! I’m hoping to organise a few events there.

AC: Which stunt or trick do you most like to perform?
TK: A corked melon 900 because I’ve only been doing them for a while, which makes it feel twice as nice when you land it clean.

AC: You are known to invent and enhance tricks – which are you most proud of?
TK: The shifty shifty 360 is a favourite of mine, but it’s got to be the front side rodeo palm air.

AC:  What’s the highest air you’ve ever caught?
TK: On the jump at The Edge we were doing 720s at least 17ft off the top of a 10ft high table, and travelling up to 45ft in length.

ATB for the Masses

AC: How big is mountain boarding in Cornwall right now?
TK: It’s getting there. I see a lot more kids riding at all the local spots near me, but it’s still a growing sport. Ask me in a few years and hopefully ill be able to say it’s huge.

AC: What’s next for you in the world of ATB?
TK: To keep having fun and bring out the sickest mountain board video ever.  My two sponsors MBS and FatFace have just come together to get a mobile demo ramp sorted, which is really exciting as well be able to take our sport to the masses.

AC: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into mountain boarding?
TK: It really is easy, so get a board and give it a go.

AC: That’s easy for you to say! Thanks Tom. Good luck in the Worlds this year.

Interview by Robin Fuller

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