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Mountain Boards

Mountain Boards

There are a huge variety of mountain boards out there, so here at Adventure Cornwall we’ve decided to give you a few examples of what’s on offer. From the beginners board to the experienced rider’s choice, and even something a little different, here are some of the best tools for cruising down a hill.

Scrub boardSrub Quasar 2
The Scrub Quasar2 is the reincarnation of the top selling Furnace Creek board and is suitable for downhilling, freeriding and kite boarding. The board has had all the fancy frills stripped out and the basics bared to make this one of the best entry level boards around.

With a maple and glass fibre deck it offers flex and strength, and the basic black and wood graphics and rubber grip tape give it a classic styling. It comes with aluminium channel trucks pre-fitted with Trampa Dampas for a smooth ride.

This is a great all round beginner to intermediate board for adults and its bombproof construction makes it suitable for taller or heavier riders. With its 9 inch tyres it’s as useful for the rough stuff as it is for carving downwind on a beach.

Price: £159.99

noSno boardnoSno Freestyle/Freeride
The Freestyle/Freeride from noSno gives the best of both worlds – it is light enough for good freestyle manoeuvres but has more clearance and larger tyres to navigate over the rocks on downhills.

The strong, stable but ultra-flexible pure epoxy composite deck puts it in a league of its own in terms of flex and smoothness. With easily adjusted features and the choice of 8", 9" or 10" tyres this board is not only suitable for all environments and disciplines of the sport, but also for any rider.

Price: £340

Trampa boardTrampa 35 Degree Short
Trampa offer specialist setups for choice of terrain and types of rider. This 35 Degree Short deck has been developed as more of a freestyle board. Being short it is good for rotations whilst giving a tight pop.

We’ve selected a setup that includes Scrub channel trucks, MBS 5 spoke Black Rockstar hubs with Primo's lightweight 2ply Red Alpha tyre, MBS F3 ratchet footstrap with Trampa Tread. It’s a bullet-proof piece of kit, suitable for riders who like to put their board through its paces.

Price: £315

MBS boardMBS – Pro 16 Leon Robbins
Labelled as the ‘ultimate downhill board for advanced riders’, MBS has enlisted the help of pro-boarder Leon Robbins for this signature board. It features an extra stiff snowboard style deck with huge pop, created for big air and speed. It comes equipped with first-class components, including ultra light Matrix Lite channel trucks, Rock Star hubs, and F3 Rachet bindings.

This is top of the line stuff for top of the pile riders. If it makes you ride half as good as Leon Robbins you’re on to a winner.

Price: £399

Dirt SurferDirt Surfer Flex Deck Pro 20”
This board represents a new generation the mountain board! A totally unique, patented design with just two centralised wheels – the Dirt Surfer is at the forefront of adventure board sports.

The Dirt Surfer offers the closest thing to surfing and snowboarding without water or snow. With less resistance with only two wheels you can get going on the slightest slope and generate much faster speeds than the average mountain board.

The Flexdech Pro 20” includes features such as the latest flex deck technology and adjustable calf disc breaks (to name but a few) to give a smooth, comfortable and controllable ride on slopes of all gradients.

Price: £319

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