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Improve your surfing skills with Errant

Improve your surfing skills with Errant

Surfer AirEver feel you could be surfing better? Hit a plateau and not sure how to push yourself to that next level?

Errant understand that the majority of surf schools and coaching available is aimed at beginner surfers. But what happens when you have mastered jumping to your feet? Their improver weekends are solely designed to coach you in areas specific to improver surfers.

This exclusive improver surf course is run in conjunction with a leading sports drink company, Science in Sport and offers you the chance to really push your surfing with a mix of surf theory, in-water surf coaching and video surf coaching.

The two-day course covers surfing technique including the dynamics of turning (cut backs and re-entries), generating speed, wave positioning, wave selection, oceanography, surfing across the wave, paddling out in bigger surf and much more.

The weekend course is designed and pitched to all surfers that have grasped the basics of surfing (i.e. standing up) and who want to develop their surfing on a multiple of levels. If you can catch and stand up on 8 out of 10 waves and are looking to speed up your learning curve in the art of surfing, this course will save you months of trial and error.

What to expect and cost of course:
* Professional Video surf coaching
* Class room based theory surf coaching
* CD/Link to the weekends video footage of you surfing
* A goal plan for your surfing over the next six months
* Goodie bag from our sponsors and Errant
* £119

Dates 30th – 31st October 2010 – Don’t miss your space, Book now on 01637 851403 or click here to contact us.

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