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Join Phil Vickery on an “Adventure of a Lifetime”

Join Phil Vickery on an “Adventure of a Lifetime”

Cornish born Rugby World Cup winner Phil Vickery, aka the Raging Bull, says that growing up in Cornwall inspired a sense of adventure and spurred him on to become a top sportsman.

The rugby legend opened up about adventure being part of his life from a young age as the head of a new national rugby competition on behalf of Sharp’s Brewery.

Phil started his career playing for Cornish clubs Bude and Redruth before moving on to become part of England’s Rugby World Cup winning side in 2003.

He said: “I grew up in North Cornwall in a little village. Cornwall is my first love. I loved growing up here and it’s something I’m extremely proud of. It gave me great roots. I have many treasured childhood memories of Cornwall. Playing rugby down at my local club every Sunday with my mates and getting filthy muddy! All of this would be wrapped up with a piping hot pasty and some baked beans on the side.”

“Ultimately my passion comes from what is grassroots rugby. In Bude, the rugby club, the football, the cricket and the surf club are huge parts of the community and that’s how you expressed yourself. Nothing gave me greater pride than representing my town through playing sport for a club which I was extremely proud of. That’s what Rugby is. Yes you have the top end of our game, the internationals, the big competitions, and the premiership. All that is brilliant, but it’s like five per cent of our game.”

Despite having retired from competitive rugby, Phil’s passion for the sport is stronger than ever and his expectations unfaltering. Phil is now leading a nation-wide Rugby competition, open to people across the UK to enter to win a once in a lifetime experience with the Raging Ball himself. Rock based Sharp’s Brewery’s ‘There’s an Adventure Brewing’ competition, invites people to enter an ultimate rugby experience including a two-day training camp on the North coast in July.

Phil said: “As a Cornishman, I was raised with the strong values of determination, commitment and the will to give my everything – and these values have got me where I am today. Sharp’s Brewery is also synonymous with this energy and so this campaign felt like a natural fit. I look forward to recruiting like-minded players from across the UK to train with me and be part of my team.”

Forty lucky winners will be given the chance to undergo highly professional training and management by the man himself, on a North Cornwall beach in July. Ten of these competitors will then be selected to participate in his dream team at London Beach Rugby later on in the year.

The winner will visit Sharp’s Brewery in Rock where they will tour the brewery and meet the makers and creators of the award winning beers, before participating in a beer and food pairing session at Sharp’s and Nathan Outlaw’s public house, The Mariners in Rock. To participate, enthusiasts must visit:, and upload a video of themselves making a unique trick pass. Phil himself will be judging entries and will handpick the lucky individuals who will make up his team.

Sharp’s ‘There’s an Adventure Brewing’ competition offers once in a lifetime opportunities to win one of five extraordinary adventures during 2015. The brewer is teaming up with inspirational leaders from across a range of sports and industries, offering the public the chance to join them on their next big challenge. Visit for regular updates and keep up to date on social media via Twitter @SharpsBrewery and Facebook at

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