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Motoring in Morocco

Motoring in Morocco

Trailquest teamA group of motorcyclists from Cornwall are embarking on an ambitious expedition to locate the ‘lost’ Foreign Legion Forts in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.

The major expedition will be led by Trailquest, which operates remote access motorcycle tours and expedition training courses in Devon and Cornwall. The trip was officially launched in January at Ocean BMW in Plymouth.

Using BMW motorcycles and a Landrover support vehicle, the Cornish team will travel over rough, unexplored terrain in an attempt to record the positions of the forts, abandoned many decades ago.

Trailquest director and team leader Richard Jeynes said: “This is going to be one of the most challenging expeditions we have undertaken. Nobody underestimates the difficulties of operating in very rough terrain in hot weather conditions. Our training programme will give us the best possible chance of success.”

In addition to the arduous challenge of the motorcycle adventure and archaeological mission, the team is also raining money for Motorcycle Outreach, which delivers essential medical supplies in remote areas of Third World countries.

* To sponsor the expedition and help raise money for the Motorcycle Outreach charity, please call 01579 362849 or email

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