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Silver Surfers Weekend

Silver Surfers Weekend

Silver Surfing weekendSurfing is one of the few sports that suffers no age boundaries and with the incredible growth of surfing and bodyboarding in the last few years many more ‘mature’ people are taking the opportunity to enjoy the waves and try what is surely the most addictive sport in the world.

The English Surfing Federation Surf School which is based at the Carnmarth Hotel on Headland Road in Newquay is offering a Silver Surfers weekend on 7-8 June. The weekend will offer surf and bodyboard coaching to first timers or those that have tried the sport before but never quite got to grips with it.

The weekend is aimed at over 50’s but anyone is welcome. It’s all about having fun and experiencing the thrill of successfully riding your first wave. British team coach and surf school director Rob Barber commented: “We ran our first Silver Surfer Weekend last September and it was greatly received, 12 hardy new surfers and bodyboarders took part, caught their first proper rides and had a great time, just over half have taken up the sport as a regular pass time since.”

Through out the weekend there will be four lessons that are all complete in themselves starting at 10 am and 2pm daily. For four lessons the price is £70 or for a single lesson they are £30. To book a place call 01637 879571 or email

For information on surfing in Cornwall and Cornwall surf schools , see our surfing page.

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