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What he didn’t expect to get was a professionally photographed shot of him surfing Towan Beach in Newquay.  And if that wasn’t enough, he later found out that the photograph is one of 25,000 surfing pictures on

“I’m really pleased,” said Steve.  “I don’t have many pictures of myself surfing.  Plus it’s a great photo!” is a new website showcasing photographs of surfers in action from all over the world.  It also has over 800 custom maps of the surfing world.

The image of Steve was taken by Newquay based professional photographer Rob Buchanan, one of nearly 200 photographers’ worldwide uploading surf pictures to the website.

And on a seemingly endless run of good fortune, the stoked surfer also managed to win an O’Neill Psycho 2 wetsuit after he registered on!

Check out to see if you've been snapped in the surf…


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