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Wrong Wind for Kitesurf Comp

Wrong Wind for Kitesurf Comp

BKSA kitesurfers huddle under the Red Bull tentThe first leg of the British Kitesurf Association (BKSA) tour left competitors disappointed when they were met with uncotestable offshore wind at Watergate Bay.

What turned out to be good conditions for surfers was not so good for kiters and they waited out the weekend hoping for a favourable wind change.

That didn’t stop them trying. On Friday Ali Barrett had spectators holding their breath on Friday when he took to the water to test the conditions. Renowned for his ‘Big Air Jumps’, Ali didn’t disappoint when he reached heights of over 50 feet. Unfortunately the gusty offshore winds proved too much, and the start of the competition was postponed.

Saturday & Sunday brought with it further disappointment as the wind conditions failed to improve. Riders chilled out in the tent provided by tour sponsors Red Bull, while others made the most of the weekend by dabbling with surfing.

The riders are now looking forward to the second round of the Freestyle event which will be held in Barrow-in-Furness in June.

* For kite surf schools and kiting lessons see our page on kitesurfing in Cornwall.

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