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Born to Boogie Competition

Born to Boogie Competition

Orca Publications have sent us their latest stunning book.  It’s an absolute beauty.  Any bodyboard lover, or in fact photographer would love to get their mitts on one of these.

Owen Pye has compiled a brilliant book chock full of the history of bodyboarding, it’s legends lifestories and some of the greatest tricks you’ll see a bodyboard pull are all documented here.

Starting from the birth of bodyboarding in 1971, you can follow the pioneers and champions to the present day with profiles of Mike Stewart, Ryan Hardy and Michael ‘Eppo’ Eppelstun to name a few.  Owen Pye has included chapters that re-live the excitement of two of the most dramatic contests in the history of the sport.  The photos will leave you breathless.

Even better, the ladies have not been overlooked as there’s a chapter devoted to some of the professionals of womens bodyboarding, led by a group of standouts Stephanie Patterson, Daniela Freitas and Claudia Ferrari being among them.

But don’t let me tell you what it’s all about…you can get your own free copy here.  Just answer the question and mail it in >>>

Who wrote ‘Born to Boogie’?

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Competition closes 15/08/2013

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