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Winter Kit

Winter Kit

We’ve rounded up a selection of essential gear for your winter adventures. There’s equipment here to keep you warm, dry, sure-footed, informed and healthy during your time in the outdoors over the cooler months. Whether for your kit bag or for someone else’s Christmas stocking, this guide features some of the best adventure gear on the market this winter.

The Spider by Grivel
Grivel SpiderThe Spider by Gravel is the perfect answer for slippery conditions this winter. The ten-pointed polyamide structure fits any footwear, and any size, making it a fantastic alternative to the full crampon, for the less extreme environment.

Once secured to the arch of the walking boot, shoe, or trainer, the spider will provide an important margin of safety on iced-over trails, wet grass, snow or simply hiking on steep muddy paths. Perfect for conquering a washed out coastal trail or snow topped Rough Tor.

Price: £19.99

Gul Vortex Wetsuit
Gul VortexVortex is a new range of wetsuits from Cornish company Gul. The first release is the hooded Vortex, designed to take on the harshest of winter conditions. It’s packed with new features to keep you warm and comfortable in the winter waves.

This 6/5/4mm model is a full-on suit for deep winter and features a detachable hood and a double neck layer to prevent icy flushes. Its external liquid seams ensure elasticity for paddle mobility and help to seal in the warmth. The Vortex is a local product designed for making the most of the chilly Cornish conditions.

Price: £220

Merrell Chameleon Thermo Waterproof Moc
Merrell shoesRobust enough for a short hike in the hills, a stroll down the beach or just kicking around town on a cold day, these Merrel ‘mocs’ offer extreme protection for your feet.

This classic Merrell shoe has been specifically designed to combat winter conditions. It has a fully waterproof construction, boasts a Polartec insulated lining and an ‘active heat’ insole. With its Vibram sole it is perfect for a whole range of adventure sports and can handle the roughest and most uneven terrain.

Price: £60

Finisterre Storm Track
Finisterre Storm TrackFinisterre is another Cornish company pulling out all the stops to keep us warm in winter conditions. The Storm Track is a heavy duty shell jacket, available for men and women, which will allow you to step out in confidence in extreme conditions.

They say this jacket redefines the relationship between the outdoor enthusiast and protective apparel. It has been tested in some of the world’s harshest conditions and has been adopted by teams from the Special Forces and British Mountain Rescue, so who are we to argue. Whether you need a shell for coastal downpours, protection on the moors or an essential bit of kit for a major expedition, this Cornish coat could be for you.

Price: £250

Ski Atlas of the World
Ski AtlasIf you’re looking for some real winter adventure, but don’t know where to go, the Ski Atlas of the World could have the answers you need. It covers everything you need to know, whether you’re planning your next trip or contemplating taking to the slopes for the very first time.

Contributing editor Arnie Wilson and with his team of skiing experts profile the very best places to ski across the world. The book features a directory with essential resort information, along with stunning photography and full double page maps helping you choose your perfect snow sports destination.



Price: £35

Ecco Yak Boots
Ecco yak bootsEcco has launched a range of shoes derived from the yak – an animal that inhabits the extreme mountain environment of the Himalayas. It may seem like a publicity stunt but Ecco has sound scientific reasons for developing its yak boots. Yaks live in the most challenging terrain in the world, surviving ice cold rapids, hazardous swamps and impossibly steep and rugged mountains, which makes the leather incredibly strong… three times stronger than ordinary leather.

One shoe in the range – the Expedition Kolmya GTX – combines the durability of the yak leather with modern components such as Gore-Tex and Vibram sole for comfortable trekking on hardcore terrain.

Price: £130

The North Face Resolve Jacket
The North Face ResolveThe North Face needs no introduction. This international brand has been producing quality outdoor gear for many years. Its new Resolve jacket provides an affordable shell for braving the winter storms.

Made with Hyvent technology it delivers a great waterproof with breathable properties, along with the comfort and style you’ve come to expect from The North Face. Great for looking good, while staying dry.




Price: £70

Trion:z Bracelets
Trion:z braceletA magnetic bracelet with health giving and performance enhancing properties; it sounds a bit far-fetched but numerous sports people swear by them. We’re told that Trion:z’s minus-ion properties counteract the positive ions created by modern technology, daily stress and physical activity, thereby improving performance levels for athletes of all kinds.

Troin:z bracelets have proved popular with sports men and women, including prominent golfers and tennis players. Now the bracelet has been developed for water sports enthusiasts and other adventure seekers. Basically these bracelets help ease away the stress, aches and pains of daily toil, giving you more get up and go for life’s adventures. Got to be worth a try.

Price: £18.99

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